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    Die nachstehenden Geschäftsbedingungen sind Bestandteil eines jeden Vertrages zwischen Tixuma, Betreiber Magejo Media, Unternehmen im Königreich Deutschland(KRD), Firmenregister-ID: 635-M-7899-430, Repräsentanz Im Steingarten 17,[63584] Gründau (im Folgenden: Tixuma) und dem Händler wie auch dessen Rechtsnachfolgern.
§ 1 Scope
The following terms are part of every contract between Tixuma, owner Magejo Media, company of the Königreich Deutschland(KRD), Company-ID: 635-M-7899-430, representated Im Steingarten 17,[63584] Gründau (the Tixuma) and the program participants.
§ 2 Registration
(1)The registration of the customer for the service of Tixuma is set according to the electronic process, specifying the data required for the formation of contracts concluded by the customer and then the successful adoption of the contract by registering on the website Tixuma. Registration is free.
(2)Which have been, by e-mail confirmation of registration, the customer assigns a password, under which he can use the services of Tixuma.
(3)Tixuma reserves the right to refuse registration in a particular case or existing contracts terminate without giving reasons.
(4)Is open to people from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Ireland and Canada.
§ 3 Conclusion of Contract / Contract Services
(1)Tixuma program provides its participants search results available that contains advertising from different advertisers. Through the regular use of Tixuma, participants will receive shares of advertising revenue.
(2)A further recommendations, it is also possible to earn in the recruited members with compensation. The amount of the commission recommendations drawn for you here the description of our Referalprogrammes.
§ 4 Payment of commissions
(1)From a balance of 10.00 EUR may differ from program participants in the login area a withdrawal be requested. This will be paid within 30 calendar days to the account of the participant.
§ 5 Inactive participants
(1)Participants who have not attended at least one month to ten different days, the website Tixuma are considered inactive. Inactive participants will receive for that month has no share in the commissions.
§ 6 Termination
(1)A termination of the account is part Tixuma, and the participants at any time.
(2)Retained amounts shall be paid to the extent that the payment amount reached 10.00 EUR and there is no breach of the terms and conditions.
§ 7 Of sending spam
(1)It is expressly not allowed to receive advertising by sending unsolicited emails to Tixuma. Accounts of students who stand out by sending these spam emails are in their information deleted immediately, existing credit expires.
§ 8 Law enforcement
(1)Should a breach to the terms expire, not yet disbursed balance of the member. His account will be closed down with immediate effect.
(2)A claim for compensation without prior notice.
§ 9 Liability and Indemnification
(1)For other than by the loss of life, body and health damages Tixuma liable only to the extent it is based on intentional or grossly negligent acts or culpable breach of an essential contractual obligation by Tixuma, its employees or its agents. This also applies to damages from the breach of obligations in contract negotiations as well as the making of illicit acts. Any further liability for damages is excluded.
(2)The liability is out with the injury of life, body or health, or willful or grossly negligent behavior of Tixuma, its employees or its agents be limited to the conclusion of the contract typically foreseeable damage and moreover the type of contract on the average damage. This applies also for indirect damage, especially loss of profit.
(3) for damages of any kind resulting from loss of data on the servers, not Tixuma liable unless a grossly negligent or willful misconduct of Tixuma, its employees or agents. Saved contents of the customer for Tixuma external information within the meaning of § 11 Teleservices Act.
(4)Tixuma does not guarantee uninterrupted availability of its offer. Maintenance work is carried out in a freely available period.
§ 10 Privacy
Personal information of participants will be electronically stored, treated confidentially and will in any way to third parties.
§ 11 Applicable Law / Jurisdiction
(1)The law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
(2)The place of jurisdiction for the contract resulting from this dispute is the seat of Tixuma.
§ 12 Final provisions
(1)Tixuma is a change in the terms and conditions entitled at any time. Tixuma will announce changes with a reasonable time. The customer has the right to object to the amendment. He objects to the changed conditions is not started within two weeks of notification, they will be part of the contract. In the case of the opposition Tixuma is entitled to terminate the contract at the time at which the modified or amended terms and conditions shall come into force.
(2)Furthermore, modifications of or additions to the basic contract of these terms and conditions in writing. This also applies to the lifting of the writing requirement.
(3)The invalidity or incompleteness is not a clause of the basic contract or the terms and conditions of the whole contract invalid. Instead, the invalid clause will be replaced by one which is effective and the meaning of the invalid clause is economic to others. The same would apply for the closure of a gap in need of regulation.

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